1. Good lord, I would kill to make this my life. I just have so much debt I’ll need to pay. Curse for profit colleges, stealing my dreams.

    1. I hear you, Tyler. The financial aspect drove me away in high school, unfortunately. I do find that dinosaur blogging and fossil collecting are good ways to stay connected to paleontology without making it a full time job.

  2. Paleontology is totally awesome 🙂
    not just saying that because imma geek 😉
    totally gonna probably be one when im old enough to get a job ;)))

    1. Avatar Of Steven Mason Steven Mason says:

      That’s great to hear! We’re rooting for you and everyone else going into the field.

      1. Avatar Of Someweirdodummy SomeWeirdoDummy says:

        I wanna know why????

      2. Avatar Of Steven Mason Steven Mason says:


      3. Avatar Of Someweirdodummy SomeWeirdoDummy says:

        Could you tell me why someone would choose to be a Paleontologist for their career?

      4. Avatar Of Steven Mason Steven Mason says:


        In this article, I mentioned some things that should be considered by those who want to become a paleontologist. At the end of the day, it’s a competitive profession with low pay relative to education required.

        People that do this type of work enjoy the research despite its drawbacks. It’s sort of the same reason that people enjoy careers as public servants. Low pay/high stress but it’s fulfilling.

        Hope that helps.

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