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  1. This isn’t very widespread, but I have sometimes heard pachycephalosaurs (a very long name) shortened to “pachy,” which is much easier to say. If needed, micropachycephalosaurus could be shortened to micropachy or minipachy. I do think raptor is much easier to say than velociraptor, but it can also refer to any kind of dromaeosaurid.

    At this point, Tyrannosaurus/T-Rex, triceratops, and stegosaurus are simple and widespread enough that I don’t think they’ll ever really need common names. But then of course, there’s the things like Sinosauropteryx, Epidexipteryx and Toujiangosaurus that may need some creative solutions.

    1. Avatar for Steven Mason Steven Mason says:

      That’s a good point, I forgot about Pachycephalosaururs. In the Lost World, Roland called it Friar Tuck, which I think is as good a name as any.

  2. Compy for Compsognathus

    1. Avatar for Steven Mason Steven Mason says:

      Yeah, that’s a big one to make a hard name more accessible to a broad audience.

  3. Urvogels exist. They are called urvogels, and doesn’t that count as a common name?

    1. Avatar for Steven Mason Steven Mason says:

      This is true and I didn’t think about this at the time of writing. I’ve personally heard Archaeopteryx used more often in discussions I’ve seen though.