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  1. Avatar for Tim Stilwell Tim Stilwell says:

    As the parent of a 4 year old actively engaged in dinosaurs and paleontology led by Dinosaur Train and Dino Dana, this article is fairly well researched and very helpful but would benefit from additional research. My understanding is that employment opportunities in mining and drilling also exist as such businesses often accidentally uncover fossils and require assistance with preservation and removal. Also, like many human endeavors, Western countries lead in paleontology and fossil preservation so fossils discovered in less developed countries often are used to attract tourism or enhance prestige which often means government sponsored research led by Westerners that respect the local culture and speak the local language. If one develops basic movie production skills and is willing to present findings in a manner that flatters sponsors, acknowledges efforts of native talent and ties effort to Western achievements, one is opening future doors for additional opportunities. It would be nice if these additional areas were addressed.

    1. Avatar for Steven Mason Steven Mason says:

      This is an excellent comment! I did not consider those aspects when writing this originally. I will be sure to delve into those topics soon as I go through updating the article. The commercial aspect of fossil collecting is another topic we may cover in a separate piece too.

  2. Good article. I am a BSc Geology student who adores Palaeozoic life

    1. Avatar for Steven Mason Steven Mason says:

      Thank you! We are working on an update to the article soon to expand it. If you have any further ideas you’d be a great resource for the topic.

  3. Avatar for Seth Lopez Seth Lopez says:

    I am actually earning a bachelor’s in Paleontology at Montana State University. I believe a school in North Dakota also offers paleontology as a bachelor.

    1. Avatar for Steven Mason Steven Mason says:

      That’s interesting. At the time of writing this, I didn’t realize that there were specific bachelor programs. I’ll definitely include that when I revise the article. Thanks for letting us know!