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  1. Avatar for Robert Kemp Robert Kemp says:

    We have several fish fossils from kemmer Wyoming the rock is very powdery and messy can we spray them with something or apply something that is permanent like you’d lacquer a piece of wood which I think would look good

    1. Avatar for Rita Douglas Rita Douglas says:

      Some simple ways to seal delicate fossils like fish or plants with materials at home are using any cyanoacrylate glue (‘super glues’) or by mixing white glue with water to make a diluted mixture. These can be brushed onto the fossil or, for the white glue mixture, the fossils can be carefully dipped in the mixture.

      Paraloid is always the best option for sealing delicate fossils without damaging them, but these methods are more accessible and work well, too! Always avoid applying shellacs, varnishes, or mineral oils directly to the fossils. They can, however, be applied to the rock surrounding the fossils if you would like.

      Let me know if you have additional questions.