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  1. Avatar for Sydnei Vasconcelos Sydnei Vasconcelos says:

    No. The film is BAD!
    There are so many bad things in this film that is difficult to point them all but I will try:
    1. Enough of hybrids! People want to see this fascinating, mind blogging creatures that once roamed on this earth. If I want to see a monster film I will watch Godzilla, King Kong, etc.
    2. T-Rex is not a hero! What is this stupidity of having TRex now showing up out of the blue to save the main characters? A T Rex would fight a carnotaurus as they run for their lives from a volcano eruption?! Really?!
    3. The entire second part of the film takes place in a mansion as dinos are put for auction…how could something being farther from interesting than this? Do people really want to see a hybrid monster running down corridors of a gothic mansion under the disguise of being a “Jurassic park” film? I dont think so.
    Anyway, nearly everything about the film, the plot, the characters are anti climax . This is in my opinion the worst of all the films in the franchise. I am crossing my fingers the next one makes up for this failure.

    1. I respect those points, and for that, it’s not a movie that will appeal to every fan. I’m simply saying that much of the criticisms have nothing to do with flaws of the movie or that they tend to gloss over what actually occurs.

      They agreed to end the hybrids after this one but this story continues the story arc created by the last movie. People argued for years about moving off the island and they did so in a way they felt was practical.

      For the T. rex, I’d prefer it not to be used as a hero.

  2. Avatar for XxMovieLoverxX XxMovieLoverxX says:

    The most underrated and unjustifiably bashed sequel in the Jurassic franchise, it has the best directed cold opener since the original trilogy. It’s no Jurassic Park /// that is for sure. 

    It does exactly what the others did in terms of characters, they’re not very complex or at all written to be so, but they’re there and that’s just it. Some character actions and choices (I.e. a character constantly screams and babbles nervously for comedic relief) are questionable but nevertheless once the film passes it, it doesn’t pull the film down.

    As mentioned The film is not 100% flawless as there are some aspects of the movie that retcon some of the island and it’s locations and it kinda confused me, but it’s never really in your face if you are not all about small details. 

    Speaking of detail, The dinosaurs look gorgeous, with only one or two shots that standout as a little (insert ‘oooh’ meme). Talking of dinosaurs, the special effects and visual effects to bring them to life are by far the best the franchise has ever seen as far as Jurassic sequels go, until Dominion that is.  

    The film has a dark adventure and it runs into a gothic horror genre in the second half which may feel jarring but a welcome change in my opinion. The franchise is no longer restricted to the islands and it’s refreshing. The film ends on a major revelation and I am here for it.

    This sequel unfortunately gets a lot of slack for what it does but this sequel goes place that the other films don’t want to full commit to and in that it’s amazing.

    At its core Fallen Kingdom is a flawless masterpiece with great directing, mind blowing soundtrack, story and dinosaur effects bogged down by expectation, tons of unnecessary leaks, trailers and fan speculation upon release.

    If you haven’t seen this you have to see it, give it a try, and make your own decision.

    1. I know this is quite an old threat but I decided to watch it. I’m a big fan of Jurassic park, I study paleontology and I was disappointed. This movie is so fucking awful and mindlessly boring. The first half, the island, is interesting but once they get to the mansion is becomes a chore to watch, I just wanted it to end. There are multiple little things that just don’t make sense, not from a paleontology stand point but just common sense. The ending, oh my god the ending, why free dinosaurs in the middle of a California forest? Why are there people swimming next to a mosasaurus? Lack of blood once they kill individuals. I have not been as disappointed as I am now after watching this piece of shit.

      1. Avatar for Steven Mason Steven Mason says:

        To be fair, the dinosaurs were released by a child once Claire came to her senses. I wouldn’t argue the fact that wild dinosaurs would not likely cause worldwide catastrophe unless at a greater scale. They’re animals, not Kaiju.

        It’ll be interesting to see how they sell that in the next movie.

    2. Avatar for Steven Mason Steven Mason says:

      I agree with you on most of this. I think the movie is more of an acquired taste that will probably be the most divisive in the franchise. I liked it the first time I watched but more so the subsequent times.