Without a doubt, Trespasser is one of the greatest Jurassic Park and dinosaur games ever. You control the character Anne, who was involved in an airplane accident that landed off the shores of Isla Sorna, the infamous Site B. Your job is to navigate through the island and find a way out of the dinosaur infested jungles. You encounter most of the dinosaurs from the movies as well as some new ones. The Raptors are your main enemy, as they appear in every level in the game. The Tyrannosaurs are virtually impossible to kill, unless it decides to just stand there and you have infinite ammo, after two minutes of constant firing you might be able to kill it. For the weapons you could get things from .30 caliber mounted machine guns, Desert Eagles, M14s, SB5s, Toxic Rifles, and several more.

You can acquire melee weapons as well, such as baseball bats, jawbones, teeth, and more. There are 8 levels of intense action, where you must solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. The graphics are pretty good if you have the required video card and the sounds are decent. Most of them, however, don't fit with the dinosaurs. DreamWorks Interactive did a great job overall of designing this game and it is definitely a fan favorite and a must buy.

Review by Rex 4 Ever


To activate cheats press [Alt] and [F11] and enter one of the following codes.

Level Select
Press [Ctrl] and [Shift] plus Q and W then release W

Ameliorate wounded character

Display location

Highlight interactive objects

Increase gore

Slow motion

Suspend dinosaurs

Teleport to important locations

Unlimited ammo

View ending sequence