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Jurassic Park Terror Staff

Username: Jamesgodawgs
Position: Webmaster and Administrator
Email: jurassicparkterror@gmail.com
Location: Alabama, United States
Bio: I have been a huge fan of Jurassic Park almost all of my life. This childhood fascination of dinosaurs never went away, and now I am more interested than ever in paleontology. In December 2003 I was browsing the internet when I found a link to Jurassic Island. I joined the forum and enjoyed meeting other people who loved Jurassic Park the way I did. In the summer of 2004 I decided to make my own Jurassic Park forum. And in September 2004 Jurassic Park Terror came online.

Username: Nychus
Position: PHP Expert and Administrator
Location: Evergem, Belgium
Bio: I first became interested in dinosaurs as a child. When I was in preschool someone made a dinosaur out of clay and I asked him what it was. He explained and I asked my mother to buy a dinosaur book. Later I joined Dino Forum, Dinosaur Neill's Homepage, Jurassic Island and a few others. I became Administrator of Jurassic Park Terror when it was opened.

Username: Dinoguy1000
Position: Webmaster Assistant and Administrator
Location: Illinois, United States
Bio: I've been interested in Jurassic Park as long as I can remember. I first really came online in 2002 or so, at the Carnivores at the Game Talk forums. The next forum I joined was Dinosaur Neill's forum on December 6, 2003. After that, Carnivores got its own forum with The Carnivores Saga. I eventually joined other forums, including Jurassic Paddock, Jurassic Park Terror, and Terrasco.

Username: Pyro
Position: Moderator
Location: Alberta, Canada
Bio: My name is Pyro, I've been interested in dinosaurs since before I could remember I was the only one in pre-school who could say paleontologist. I've like Jurassic park since I was allowed to watch it which was about 1996. I first started into the JP community about 3 years ago in a forum extremely similar to Jurassic Park Terror but over the summer it died out, I have had the unfortunate habit of joining sites that just seem to die. I hope JPT lives!

Cyclopsis Raptor
Username: Cyclopsis Raptor
Position: Graphic Designer/Moderator
Email: cyclopsis.raptor@gmail.com (please specify if hate mail)
Location: Evansville, Indiana
Bio: Having been on Jurassic Park sites since 1998, Cyclopsis Raptor, or as his friends call him, CR, is one of the most experienced staff members on the site. He makes the site look pretty and he also is a completely biased moderator.

Dr. A
Username: Dr. A
Position: Moderator
Location: Michigan, United States
Bio: I first joined JPAftermath and the JP Community sometime in the early 2000s. I came to the community after being lured from a Jaws fan site because of a fan fic I made, mixing Jurassic Park and Jaws. Since then, I took over as webmaster at JPA before I gave my position over to Kira. I also served as a moderator on the second Jurassic Island and JPArchive. Now I moderate JPT.

Username: Tomozaurus
Position: Moderator and Roleplaying Leader
Location: Victoria, Australia
Bio: I am Tom, or Tomozaurus as I am known 'round these parts. I am known for being a huge fan of the television show Lost and video game series Turok. I am an Australian. I have been interested in dinosaurs since I was about three years old. I have been a member of Jurassic Park forums since the original Jurassic Island and Jurassic Park Aftermath forums. I have a particular interest in online roleplaying.

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