Dinosaur Movies

Walking With Dinosaurs


Walking with Dinosaurs is the award-winning documentary that allows you to feel as though you are, as the title suggests, walking with dinosaurs. The three hour presentation takes you through the reign of the dinosaurs and into their lives. The CGI is incredibly realistic. A breathtaking display and a must-own for any dinosaur fan.

When Dinosaurs Roamed America


A spectacular and lifelike representation of dinosaurs, When Dinosaurs Roamed America takes you back to prehistoric North America to show the mighty beasts that once existed there. From the small feathered dromaeosaurus to the monstrous T.rex, you will be overwhelmed by the power and beauty of these extinct creatures.



Allosaurus takes you into the life of the most famous dinosaurs. Nicknamed "Big Al," this documentary pieces together fossil evidence to recreate his life story and takes you from birth to death with one of the most amazing and well known dinosaurs to ever walk the earth.

Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet is a two hour presentation that takes you through the life of some of the most famous dinosaurs like Velociraptor as well as some of the lesser known dinosaurs such as Daspletosaurus. Dinosaur Planet incorporates the latest technology to recreate the world of the dinosaurs. Now we can take a journey back in time to a planet ruled by dinosaurs.

Valley of the T-rex

Valley of the T.rex

Valley of the T-rex presents the theories of Jack Horner, suggesting that Tyrannosaurus rex may have been a scavenger rather than a vicious predator. Jack Horner hopes to unveil the truth about this legendary carnivore. Horner's theories will change how some view the tyrant-lizard king.

Dinosaurs (TV Series)


Not the mama! The weird and wonderful television series known as Dinosaurs aired from 1991-1994. The show demonstrates a striking resemblance to the Simpsons, although the family unit consists of a mixed group of dinosaur species. The writers invoked several political, religious, and social issues through comedic parodies. The show ended with the dinosaurs' extinction.

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

We're Back!

This 1993 film explores the bond between two children, Louie and Cecilia, and a cast of friendly dinosaurs. Their journey to The Museum of Natural History is filled with many exciting adventures. This inspiring tale will delight audiences of all ages and makes a fantastic addition to any dinosaur fan's movie collection.

The Land Before Time Series


The Land Before Time is a classic series made for younger audiences. Since the 1988 original, many sequels spawned to delight dinosaur-loving children everywhere. These are great family films and any child who likes dinosaurs will be thrilled.

Gertie The Dinosaur


A 1914 classic, Gertie appealed to young audiences and started the obsession with dinosaur film-making. Although simplistic by today's standards, Gertie was top of the line animation in her day and was a spark for the growing dinosaur popularity. You can view the movie on YouTube here.



One of my favorites as a kid, this movie remains one of the major animated dinosaur films targeted at children. Our Iguanodon protagonist, Aladar, must escape a world of terrors after his homeland is destroyed by a meteor shower. This family film is recommended for dinosaur loving children and their parents too.

Carnosaur Series


Sci-fi popcorn films are about all these movies amount to. The filmmakers decided to disregard science and produce a movie for audiences that do not value realism. The dinosaurs look like big, scaly puppets and will make you cringe with disgust. This is almost as bad as it gets. There's nothing worth seeing in these movies.



Not much can be expected from a Jurassic Park rip-off. The makers of Raptor seem to believe that all you need for a great movie are a bunch of ugly robotic "raptors" and gore to capture your audience. Obviously they were wrong. Don't waste your time on this movie when you can watch paint dry.

Raptor Island

Raptor Island

Another Jurassic Park rip off? Put a cheesy plot, a group of people without common sense, and some super powered dinosaurs who aren't smart enough to stay out of direct gunfire together, and you'd get Raptor Island. This is in my opinion is not only the worst dinosaur movie; it is the worst movie I have ever seen. I endured watching the whole movie without a single good comment. Please, don't see this movie unless you want your brain cells to rot.