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The evolution of the Turok series with a renewed story for the Xbox360 and PS3 consoles, this game is truly a masterpiece in dinosaur gaming. You play as Corporal Joseph Turok, a former member of Wolf Pack, the notorious black ops team. You now fight for Whisky Company and must take down Kane, the current leader of Wolf Pack. Your team crashes on a mysterious planet under control of the Mendel-Gruman Corporation, a group that doesn't take kindly to your arrival. You must battle your way through the world, taking down not only human enemies, but the local wildlife as well. The graphics are stunning and the variety of weapons and special knife kills serve as rewarding gameplay. The game also can switch from relative ease, to frustratingly difficult within minutes and the music and sounds of the jungle set an uneasy tone as you progress. This is definitely a first person shooter to buy.

Jurassic: The Hunted

Jurassic: The Hunted

With so few dinosaur games for the "next-gen" consoles, this game looked very promising. After playing, I found it to be somewhat disappointing yet fun nonetheless. You play as Dillon, a survival expert stranded in the Bermuda Triangle where time warps are commonplace. Your goal is to survive and find a way out. For what it lacks in plot, this game makes up for with flashy graphics that are moderate for the modern consoles, but superior to dinosaur shooters of the past. The 14 story levels are very easy and you can complete the campaign in less than five hours. Survival mode is the only true challenge. Drawbacks to this game are the lack of difficulty and repetitiveness of enemies that often appear as Jurassic Park knockoffs. It's a good game and worth playing, although it falls short of expectations.

Jurassic Park 3: Island Attack

JP3: Island Attack

Jurassic Park 3 Island Attack is a fun game for the Gameboy Advance. You will play as Alan Grant, stranded alone on Isla Sorna. You must now fight your way across the island to be rescued. There are eight challenging missions and various dinosaurs from the movies, from Velociraptors and Spinosaurus to T.rex. The controls are simple and it is very easy to pick up and play. And just remember, you probably won't get off this island alive.

Jurassic Park: Survival

JP: Survival

Jurassic Park Survival was a game planned to be released along with Jurassic Park 3. The game takes place on Isla Sorna, where you play as David Vaughn, who works with scientists who have ventured there to conduct studies and a team of security personnel on the island. A new group comes to the island and is planning to take dinosaur DNA. You must stop them by any means possible. Sadly, this game was never released due to budgeting issues.

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