The Lost World

Lost World Cover

Once opposed to the idea of writing a sequel, Crichton has done it again! Six years since the incident at Jurassic Park, not all wounds have healed. Ian Malcolm returns along with several new characters. Strange animals have been turning up near Costa Rica. An expedition is set up to find out what is going on. InGen has gone bankrupt and their rivals at BioSyn have a plan. Once again we recognize that the forces of nature cannot be stopped. The sequel to Jurassic Park surely won't disappoint. Be prepared to be thrilled as we discover that something has survived.

The New York Times Bestseller

"Harrowing Thrills...Fast-Paced And Engaging."-People

"Action Packed"-Daily News

"Fast And Gripping"-The Washington Post Book World

"A Very Scary Read."-Entertainment Weekly

"An Edge-Of-The-Seat Tale."-St. Petersburg Times