Jurassic Park: The Game

JP: The Game

Jurassic Park: The Game takes place on Isla Nublar and continues the story of the first movie. You play as various characters in this puzzle adventure. While the game is essentially a button-masher, the storyline is quite interesting. Telltale is known for episodic adventure games and this game will surly appeal to fans of Jurassic Park. The developers wanted to tell a story that brought players back to the magic experienced in 1993. The attention to detail with some elements such as the flashlights or the Barbasol can is quite impressive; however, some features deviate from what was portrayed by the movie. One instance in particular, the physical appearance of Dr. Harding, is hard to overlook. While some have argued that the game is canonical to the films, I do not stand by this notion. The game it best for a serious fan and not necessarily for the casual gamer who might prefer a game with more replay value. Though the graphics are sub-par compared to contemporary games, the action buttons lack intuitiveness, and the plot is somewhat cheesy, I definitely had fun playing this game and would recommend it.

Review by Jamesgodawgs