Jurassic Park

Novel Cover

Jurassic Park represents one of the finest works of the late author, Michael Crichton. A company called InGen recreates extinct animals from preserved DNA. Billionaire John Hammond, pioneer of this new technology, creates a theme park filled with dinosaurs, ignoring the warnings of mathematician Ian Malcolm. Malcolm's theories of Chaos Theory suggest that the park is doomed to catastrophe. A group of visitors take a weekend tour of the island when things go terribly wrong. Any fan of the Jurassic Park movies should definitely read Crichton's masterpiece. It is by far one of the greatest science fiction novels.

#1 New York Times Bestseller

"Wonderful...Powerful."-The Washington Post Book World

"Frighteningly real...Compelling...It'll keep you riveted."-The Detroit News

"Crichton's sci-fi is convincingly detailed."-Time Magazine

"Full of Suspense."-The New York Times Book Review