Characters of The Lost World Jurassic Park

Malcolm Name: Dr. Ian Malcolm
Played by: Jeff Goldblum
Occupation: Mathematician
Bio: Dr. Malcolm faces public ridicule for his statements regarding Jurassic Park, as InGen orchestrated a successful cover-up of the events. John Hammond tells Malcolm about Site B and asks for his participation in a quest. Malcolm refuses to go, but is forced to when he realizes his girlfriend is already on the island.

Carr Name: Eddie Carr
Played by: Richard Schiff
Occupation: Field Equipment Specialist
Bio: Eddie is hired by John Hammond for a research expedition to Isla Sorna. His role with the team involves construction of vehicles and scientific instrumentation. Carr brings some highly sophisticated equipment to the field; however, it is not enough to avoid the catastrophe that ensues.

Owen Name: Nick Van Owen
Played by: Vince Vaughn
Occupation: Photographer
Bio: Nick Van Owen is hired by John Hammond to take part in a documentation expedition on Isla Sorna. Owen accepts willing after a hefty check from Hammond. He soon realizes how incredible these animals really are. His concern for the animals and their conservation leads to conflict with the hunters.

Harding Name: Dr. Sarah Harding
Played by: Julianne Moore
Occupation: Paleontologist
Bio: Dr. Sarah Harding is an enthusiastic paleontologist and the girlfriend of Malcolm. She finally receives the opportunity of a lifetime when Hammond asks her to go to Isla Sorna in order to study the animals. She has many years of experience with dangerous predators but nothing could prepare her this adventure.

Kelly Name: Kelly Malcolm
Played by: Vanessa Lee Chester
Occupation: Student
Bio: Kelly Malcolm is the adventurous daughter of Ian Malcolm. She wishes to be closer to her father and feels he always ignores her. When Malcolm tells her she cannot go with him on the expedition, she stows away in the trailers. She soon regrets this mistake as she is stranded with the others on Isla Sorna.

Hammond Name: John Hammond
Played by: Richard Attenborough
Occupation: InGen Founder/Former CEO
Bio: John Hammond loses control of InGen after an accident occurs on Isla Sorna. He realizes that extinct animals are best left alone and organizes a team to gather data on the island. He hopes to use their work to garner public support of turning the island into a nature preserve.

Ludlow Name: Peter Ludlow
Played by: Arliss Howard
Occupation: InGen CEO
Bio: Peter Ludlow is the nephew of John Hammond. When a little girl is attacked on Site B, Ludlow takes control of InGen. He convinces the board of directors to sponsor a quest to bring back the dinosaurs for a new theme park in San Diego. He views the animals as merely objects of entertainment and underestimates their power.

Tembo Name: Roland Tembo
Played by: Pete Postlethwaite
Occupation: Hunter
Bio: Roland has tracked and killed just about every dangerous animal imaginable. Due to his prior success, he finds life very boring. He accepts a job from Peter Ludlow, to help in the round-up of animals on Site B. He travels to the island to take down a male Tyrannosaurus, the ultimate quarry.

Stark Name: Dieter Stark
Played by: Peter Stormare
Occupation: Hunter
Bio: Dieter Stark serves as second in command of Roland's team. He plays an active role in the capture and containment of the dinosaurs. Stark shows little respect for the animals, seen using a cattle prod on a Compsognathus for the hell of it. Eventually, the dinosaurs get a little taste of revenge.

Sidhu Name: Ajay Sidhu
Played by: Harvey Jason
Occupation: Hunter
Bio: Ajay Sidhu is the long-time friend of Roland Tembo, as it is implied the two have went on many hunts together. In a deleted scene, he is seen meeting Roland in Kenya to enlist him for the expedition to Isla Sorna. He tries to keep the other hunters calm, but his advice is not heeded.

Burke Name: Dr. Robert Burke
Played by: Thomas F. Duffy
Occupation: Paleontologist
Bio: Dr. Robert Burke is a paleontologist enlisted by InGen for their expedition to Isla Sorna. He and Dr. Sarah Harding often argue about dinosaur behavior. Burke is seen misidentifying the species of Compsognathus, perhaps a jab at the real life palentologist he represents (Dr. Robert Bakker).