Characters of Jurassic World

Claire Name: Claire Dearing
Played by: Bryce Dallas Howard
Occupation: Park Manager
Bio: Claire is in charge of managing Jurassic World. Her professional demeanor becomes challenged as disaster ensues and she must learn to accept the consequences. She transforms from pencil pusher to action hero in a single day.

Owen Name: Owen Grady
Played by: Chris Pratt
Occupation: Velociraptor Trainer
Bio: Owen was hired out of the U.S. Navy to serve in a special project at Jurassic World: training Velociraptors. He respects and understands the dinosaurs much better than corporate leaders and pushes back against these unethical agendas.

Masarani Name: Simon Masarani
Played by: Irrfan Khan
Occupation: CEO of the Masrani Corporation/Owner of Jurassic World
Bio: Masarani took control of InGen around the time of John Hammond's death and fulfilled Hammond's dream of building a theme park. Like Hammond, Masarani wants people to have the experience of a lifetime. His desire to make the ultimate attraction ultimately begins the park's demise.

Hoskins Name: Vic Hoskins
Played by: Vincent D'Onofrio
Occupation: Leader of InGen Security
Bio: Hoskins is the leader of InGen's security team. His interest in the militarization of dinosaurs becomes a very troubling prospect. He views the animals as property that can be manipulated to serve the military. He sees the disaster in the park as a golden opportunity for a field test.

Wu Name: Dr. Henry Wu
Played by: B.D. Wong
Occupation: Chief Geneticist
Bio: Dr. Wu returns to his work at recreating extinct life. He is driven by innovation, which means that he will go to great lengths to advance the research. His latest creation threatens catastrophe, but he brushes it off as an unfortunate consequence of progress.

Gray Name: Gray Mitchell
Played by: Ty Simpkins
Occupation: Student
Bio: Gray is an excited young boy who gets the opportunity of lifetime when his parents send him to Jurassic World. Gray is struggling with the prospect of his parents divorce and worries about his brother going away for college.

Zach Name: Zach Mitchell
Played by: Nick Robinson
Occupation: Student
Bio: Zach is a typical teenager who accompanies his younger brother on the Jurassic World tour. Zach is rebellious and cynical, but cares deeply for his brother. The events that transpire strengthen his bond with his younger brother as the two struggle to survive.

Barry Name: Barry
Played by: Omar Sy
Occupation: Velociraptor Trainer
Bio: Barry assists Owen in the training of the park's Velociraptors. Barry, like Owen, shares a deep appreciation and respect for these animals and is troubled by the actions of Vic Hoskins. He tries to convince the others that Hoskins is making a mistake.

Lowery Name: Lowery Cruthers
Played by: Jake Johnson
Occupation: Control Room Staff
Bio: Lowery is a comic relief character working in the control room. Like many nostalgic fans, he reminds the others about the simplistic beauty of Jurassic Park. He dislikes the growing corporate involvement with the dinosaurs.

Vivian Name: Vivian
Played by: Lauren Lapkus
Occupation: Control Room Staff
Bio: Vivian is an employee of Jurassic Work working in the control room. Vivian often serves as the primary dispatcher of orders to employees in the field. She calmly listens to the ramblings of her coworker Lowery but is dismissive of his romantic advances.

Zara Name: Zara Young
Played by: Katie McGrath
Occupation: Claire's Assistant
Bio: Zara is Claire's young assistant. When Claire's nephews arrive for a visit, Zara becomes a babysitter. While on the job, she is distracted just long enough for the boys to make an timely escape; unfortunately, she is not so lucky.

Hamada Name: Takashi Hamada
Played by: Brian Tee
Occupation: ACU Commander
Bio: Hamada serves as the commander of the Animal Control Unit. When the Indominous escapes, he leads a team armed with nonlethal devices to capture it. He is surprised to find just what secret abilities the animal possesses.

The Mitchells Name: Karen & Scott Mitchell
Played by: Judy Greer & Andy Buckley
Occupations: Unknown
Bio: The Mitchells send their two sons for a pleasant vacation to Jurassic World. Karen hopes that this will allow the boys to bond with her sister Claire. Their eminent divorce becomes apparent to their youngest son Gray, who takes notice of their mail.