Characters of Jurassic Park 3

Grant Name: Dr. Alan Grant
Played by: Sam Neil
Occupation: Paleontologist
Bio: Dr. Alan Grant continues to research Velociraptors and he is seeking more funding for his research. When Paul Kirby offers a substantial sum of money to have Grant act as a guide for a flyover of Isla Sorna, Grant accepts. Soon he realizes this was all a ruse and he is once again stranded with dinosaurs.

Billy Name: Billy Brennan
Played by: Allesandro Nivola
Occupation: Graduate Student
Bio: Billy is Dr. Grant's good friend and his assistant in the field. The Kirby's approach him with an offer to visit Isla Sorna and he accepts in order to fund his research with Grant. He is very outgoing and can sometimes take great risks for his passions, risks which jeopardize the safety of the group.

Paul Name: Paul Kirby
Played by: William H. Macy
Occupation: Owner of Kirby Paint and Tile Plus
Bio: Paul Kirby is the concerned father of Eric Kirby. When his son is lost on Isla Sorna, Paul goes to extreme measures to get to the island. He lies to Dr. Grant and other members of a team he recruits for the rescue mission, pretending to be wealthy and writing bogus checks.

Amanda Name: Amanda Kirby
Played by: Téa Leoni
Occupation: Housewife/Unknown
Bio: Amanda Kirby is the mother of Eric Kirby who organizes a rescue mission with her former husband Paul when no one else will help rescue their son. She plays along with Paul Kirby to gather a team to help them rescue Eric. She feels guilty for her son's situation.

Eric Name: Eric Kirby
Played by: Trevor Morgan
Occupation: Student
Bio: Eric is the son of Paul and Amanda Kirby. When a para-sailing accident leaves him stranded on Isla Sorna, he manages to survive on his own for almost eight weeks. His firsthand knowledge of the dinosaurs and the island proves useful to the group.

Udesky Name: Mr. Udeksy
Played by: Michael Jeter
Occupation: Booking Agent
Bio: Mr. Udesky is hired by Paul and Amanda Kirby to coordinate their mission. After the crash, Udesky learns that Kirby's checks were fraudulent and he is stuck in one of the most dangerous places on earth and not even getting paid for his troubles.

Nash Name: M.B. Nash
Played by: Bruce A. Young
Occupation: Mercenary/Pilot
Bio: Mr. Nash is hired by Paul and Amanda Kirby to rescue Eric from Isla Sorna. Nash serves as the pilot for the team and is forced to make a difficult decision, abandoning Cooper to save the others. He tries to fly to safety, but ends up crashing after the attack.

Cooper Name: Mr. Cooper
Played by: John Diehl
Occupation: Mercenary
Bio: Cooper is hired by Paul and Amanda Kirby as a mercenary for the expedition. Mr. Udesky selected him due to his reputation. His weapons do not seem to be effective against the Spinosaurus, or at least his aim fails, and Cooper must flee like the others.

Sattler Name: Dr. Ellie Sattler
Played by: Laura Dern
Occupation: Paleobotanist
Bio: Dr. Ellie Sattler is a paleobotanist and a mother. She meets Dr. Grant at her house and he tells her about his research on Velociraptors, which she jokingly calls her "favorite." She receives a call from Grant, who tells her that he is on Site B and needs help.

Hildebrand Name: Ben Hildebrand
Played by: Mark Harelik
Occupation: Unknown
Bio: Ben Hildebrand is Amanda's boyfriend. Ben takes Eric on a para-sailing trip, something his father Paul Kirby would not approve being much more safety-conscious. He and Eric are stranded on Isla Sorna and must find their way to safety as soon as possible.

Degal Name: Mark Degler
Played by: Taylor Nichols
Occupation: International Relations Specialist
Bio: Mark is Ellie's husband in Jurassic Park 3. His government job has allowed him many opportunities for networking with foreign nations. He uses his connections to send a rescue team to the island to evacuate Dr. Grant and the other survivors.