Characters of Jurassic Park

Hammond Name: John Hammond
Played by: Richard Attenborough
Occupation: InGen Founder
Bio: John Hammond is billionaire owner of Jurassic Park. His dream is to create the ultimate theme park and show the world living dinosaurs. Despite his best intentions, his creation proves to be a disastrous mistake. When the restraining technology fails, Hammond realizes that the kind of control he sought was impossible.

Grant Name: Dr. Alan Grant
Played by: Sam Neil
Occupation: Paleontologist
Bio: Dr. Alan Grant, one of the most famous paleontologists of his day, is selected by John Hammond to visit Jurassic Park before the park is open to the public. Despite his delight to observe living dinosaurs, Grant is skeptical of the park. When the power fails, Grant overcomes must escort Hammond's grandchildren to safety.

Ellie Name: Dr. Ellie Sattler
Played by: Laura Dern
Occupation: Paleobotanist
Bio: Dr. Ellie Sattler is the paleobotanist whom Hammond enlists for the first tour of Jurassic Park. She is Alan Grant's girlfriend and is a witty and outspoken scientist. Both awed and cautious, she is seriously concerned about the park. She understands the dangers and tries to convince Hammond to abandon his fantasy.

Malcolm Name: Dr. Ian Malcolm
Played by: Jeff Goldblum
Occupation: Mathematician
Bio: Dr. Ian Malcolm is a witty mathematician who specializes in chaos theory. He becomes one of the members of Jurassic Park's first tour in response to investor concerns. His research indicates that Hammond's park is destined to fail. He asserts that the level of control attempted by Jurassic Park cannot be achieved.

Gennaro Name: Donald Gennaro
Played by: Martin Ferrero
Occupation: Lawyer
Bio: Donald Gennaro represents the investors of Jurassic Park and makes a trip to the island in response to investor concern after the death of a park worker. Once a major skeptic of the park, quickly changes his mind after he realizes how profitable Jurassic Park could be.

Lex Name: Lex Murphy
Played by: Ariana Richards
Occupation: Student
Bio: Lex Murphy is Hammond's granddaughter and takes part in the first tour of the island. Lex is attracted to Dr. Grant, and like Tim, looks for every opportunity to spend time with him. Her knowledge of computers proves very useful when trying to get the park's security systems back.

Tim Name: Tim Murphy
Played by: Joeseph Mazello
Occupation: Student
Bio: Tim Murphy is the grandson of John Hammond and the younger brother of Lex. Hammond invites his grandchildren to take part in the first tour of the island. He is a young dinosaur fanatic who idolizes Alan Grant and seeks endless to gain his respect. Tim has perhaps the most near-death encounters of anyone.

Muldoon Name: Robert Muldoon
Played by: Bob Peck
Occupation: Jurassic Park Game Warden
Bio: Robert Muldoon is the game warden of Jurassic Park and one of the experts on Velociraptor behavior. He has spent enough time in the park to understand the dangers presented by these extinct animals. He is one of the few park employees that truly respects the animals and realizes how dangerous the park is.

Arnold Name: Ray Arnold
Played by: Samuel L. Jackson
Occupation: Chief Engineer
Bio: Ray Arnold is one of the most vital members of the control room staff. He plays a key role with keeping the Jurassic Park systems running smoothly. When Dennis Nedry's actions throw park systems into chaos, Mr. Arnold must find a way to restore order.

Nedry Name: Dennis Nedry
Played by: Wayne Knight
Occupation: Head Programmer
Bio: Dennis Nedry is the head programmer at Jurassic Park and has access to the park's most important computer systems. Nedry is unhappy with the salary Hammond pays and feels that he deserves more. He accepts a deal to steal embryos for Lewis Dodgson and is responsible for the disaster in the park.

Wu Name: Dr. Henry Wu
Played by: B.D. Wong
Occupation: Chief Geneticist
Bio: Dr. Henry Wu is the confident geneticist that supervises all of dinosaurs bred for Jurassic Park. His confidence in the technology leads him to believe that the dinosaurs are under control, falsely assuming that the animals are unable to breed and susceptible to the lysine contingency should they escape captivity.

Harding Name: Dr. Gerry Harding
Played by: Gerald R. Molen
Occupation: Jurassic Park Veterinarian
Bio: Dr. Gerry Harding is tasked with maintaining the health of the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. Working with limited information, Dr. Harding serves as pioneer in this new field. During the first tour, one of the Triceratops falls ill and Dr. Harding tries to find the source of the illness.

Dodgson Name: Lewis Dodgson
Played by: Cameron Thor
Occupation: BioSyn CEO
Bio: Lewis Dodgson is the corrupt CEO of a rival company. When he learns of what Hammond was able to do at Jurassic Park, Dodgson wants to steal the technology for him company in order to catch up. He pays Dennis Nedry $1.5 million dollars to steal the 15 dinosaur embryos on Isla Nublar.